1 Maebelle's Suitcase

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Maebelle's Suitcase

Written by Tricia Tusa

Illustrated by Tricia Tusa

Reviewed by Kyle C. (age 6), Mashiya C. (age 7) & Alondrea R. (age 7)

Maebelle's Suitcase

If you like friendship, this is the book for you. In this book one-hundred-and-eight-year old Meabelle has a friend Binkle that needs to fly south. He wants to take all his stuff and Meabelle gave him her suitcase. The suitcase was too heavy and he could not fly away. Meabelle told Binkle to rest awhile and help her with her project. The project was the town?s hat contest she entered every year.

We think the colors were very beautiful. I (Kyle) think that the pictures were done with markers because they were so bright. I(Alondrea) liked when Meabelle and Binkle helped each other when they needed help because it is nice when friends help each other. I (Mashiya) liked the story because it was nice that the hat was put on display even though it didn?t win the contest.

We recommend this book to other children because we help our friends in class and the book can help other kids with that. Parents should read this book to their small children too.