1 Goosed

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Written by Bill Wallace

Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers

Reviewed by Kaitlin F. (age 8)


If you like funny books you will love this book. There are three main characters, a little puppy, a dog named T.P. and a boy named Jeff. The puppy is really funny because sometimes she talks so fast she can’t breathe! In the book, the puppy gets in some trouble with a goose. Read the book to find out if she survives!

I strongly believe that this book is one of my favorite stories ever. It was really funny, especially the puppy! The pictures were very good as well. I found the puppy very interesting because she always was talking. She had a very interesting personality and she was very funny and nice and happy. The little puppy reminds me of my sister. First of all she is very annoying and the puppy can be annoying sometimes too. Also the puppy is very funny and my sister is very funny. My sister never tells a bad joke (most of the time). T.P. is a dog in the book and he changed because at first he didn’t like the puppy and then over time he started to like the puppy more and more. I thought it was funny the way he started to like the puppy. It was a really good book!

I think other kids should read this book because it is really funny. It has a sad and funny ending. I think kids who like dogs and like to laugh should read this book. Kids in 3rd to 5th grade should read this book. I think that in this book all the dogs and all the funny parts will interest the reader!