1 Star Wars Jedi Academy - The Phantom Bully

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Star Wars Jedi Academy - The Phantom Bully

Written by Jeff Brown

Illustrated by 176

Reviewed by Jacob F. (age 9)

Star Wars Jedi Academy - The Phantom Bully

Have you ever struggled in school? Well, in this book the main character is named Roan and he is struggling in middle school. The book is like a comic book because it has pictures on every page. Dose he make it all the way through? Read the book to find out!

I strongly believe that everyone should read Jedi Academy: The Phantom Bully. I believe the book will become famous. The character that reminds me of myself is Roan. Roan has a lot of friends and so do I! He is also like me because his life started out difficult because he was bullied and my life started out difficult too so I can relate to him. This book is part of a series and is connected to Star Wars. This book is unique because it has pictures similar to a comic book. The pictures show me what the characters look like and what is happening in the story.

In my belief, this book is awesome! It was funny and if you love Star Wars you will love it. People all over the world will like it but Star Wars Fans will especially love it! You may like the part in the book when a flying book hit the bully in the face!