1 Ghost Town at Sundown

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Ghost Town at Sundown

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Derek B. (age 8)

Ghost Town at Sundown

Do you want to read a cowboy book? Then read Ghost Town at Sundown, by Mary Pope Osborne. When you look at the cover you will say, “Cool!” I guarantee this will be your favorite book. Read more of this preview to learn about this book.

Jack and Annie want to become Master Librarians. They need to solve a riddle in the Wild West to become Master Librarians. In the book, a cowboy, Slim, thought Jack and Annie stole a horse. Slim is a mustang herder. Jack and Annie tried to be friends with the cowboy so they wouldn’t get in trouble. Read to find out if Slim helps them solve the riddle.

Jack and Annie will be your favorite characters because they are so serious about solving the riddle. For example they hide from cowboys by getting inside empty barrels and explore the spooky ghost town called Rattlesnake Flats.

My favorite part is when Jack goes on Slim’s horse. I like this part because it made me giggle when Jack pulled himself up on the horse. The horse was a lot bigger than Jack. This part also shows that Jack is brave.

I really like that one way Jack and Annie try to solve the mystery is by reading from a book about the adventure they are on. I think this shows that they like to read, just like me!

When you finish the book, you will want to go get all the books in the Magic Tree House series. Ghost Town at Sundown, by Mary Pope Osborne is great because Jack and Annie don’t argue and because I did not want to put the book down. You will want to tell all your friends about this book. If you like adventure books than this book is for you! I recommend this book to girls and boys in grades two and three. I give it five stars!