1 First Born

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First Born

Written by Jack Patton

Reviewed by Ella HB. (age 8)

First Born

If you are wondering what book to read, what about this one? This one is great!

This story is about a wolf named Blue Boy. He was captured by people when he was in lived in the wild. He was taken from his family and they were about to have babies. The people took him to a zoo because he was famous for his bluish, grayish color. Blue Boy, one of the main characters, eventually has a son named Lamar. Blue boy expects Lamar to be a leader. Magi the Magpie, is a black bird wants Lamar to be a leader too. Will Lamar be a proud leader?

One reason I like this book is because it is about animals and adventures. I love animals and adventure! My favorite character was Lamar because the only animals he hurts are the ones he needs to eat. Another favorite part was when Lamar saved a coyote. Another reason I like this book is because there are some sad parts, cool parts and happy parts. There are even exciting parts! One more reason is because wolves are powerful, honored, big and cool animals. Blue Boy is a very honored wolf. This book taught me a lesson, it is to treat others the way you want to be treated. This book is great!

I would recommend this book because it is exciting and awesome! I would recommend this book for ages six and up. Five stars out five for First Born!