1 Henry and Mudge and the Long Weekend

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Henry and Mudge and the Long Weekend

Written by Cynthia Rylant

Reviewed by Kenzie L. (age 8)

Henry and Mudge and the Long Weekend

Henry and Mudge are the two main characters in this series. Henry looked out the window. Mudge was sleeping on the floor. It was raining. Raining hard! They were bored because they couldn’t go outside like they had planned. Mom had an idea. A great BIG idea.

This book is great because I like how Henry and Mudge are good friends. All of their adventures are together and they always have fun. It reminds me of playing with my friends, we are always together having an awesome time. I love building stuff out of cardboard like Henry and Mudge did in this book. It is a really good story because it is silly when Mudge always wants to take a nap.You learn a lot about dogs. My favorite part is when they are done with their cardboard structure. I have built one like it too and it reminds me of when I made it.

I recommend this book to people who like to laugh out loud. I recommend this book to ages 4 to 6 because it is not for 10-year-olds.