1 Clifford's Riddles

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Clifford's Riddles

Written by Norman Bridwell

Reviewed by Miranda D. (age 5)

Clifford's Riddles

This book is a book of riddles. A riddle is something you have to figure out. All of the riddles are about Clifford. My liked the "pup-sicle" one best. I liked this book because I like riddles. I think the riddles are funny and they make you laugh.

This book is a little bit different than the other Clifford books. Clifford is in the book, but he isn't doing something like a whole story. He gives you clues to figure out the riddles.

My teacher said I could take this book home to read. I want to see if my brother can answer the riddles.

I would recommend this book because if you read it, it can help you be a good reader.