1 Franny K. Stein Lunch Walks Amoung Us

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Franny K. Stein Lunch Walks Amoung Us

Written by Jim Benton

Reviewed by Jibril H. (age 8)

Franny K. Stein Lunch Walks Amoung Us

Have you ever had no friends? No one that likes you? Franny feels like that. Franny is alone. Franny goes to a new school and she does not have any friends. So she does something to be good. She turns into a good person with a formula she made. Franny can’t stand being good so she turned back into Franny. One of my favorite parts is when Franny saved her class by making a lunch meat monster. I like how the author made this book because the pages tell what the words are all about. My other favorite part in the story is when Franny turns herself into a good person, because when she transforms in her mind, she is thinking of bad things. My other favorite part is she took every ones lunch and turned it into the lunch meat monster. A connection to this book is when my mom always makes my room clean and the next day it is a mess.

I recommend this book to my sister. I recommend this book to my sister because she likes science and funny books she also likes creations that you make from scratch. She makes lots of things that have no instructions. I’d also recommend this to mad scientists. I’d recommend this book to mad scientists because they could get inspired.