1 I Am Not Sleepy and Will Not Go to Bed (Charlie and Lola)

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I Am Not Sleepy and Will Not Go to Bed (Charlie and Lola)

Written by Lauren Child

Illustrated by Lauren Child

Reviewed by Nate K. (age 7)

I Am Not Sleepy and Will Not Go to Bed (Charlie and Lola)

Lola doesn’t want to go to bed. She likes to stay up coloring, sticking, wriggling, and most of all chattering. So Charlie says, “If there’s no bedtime, there can be no bedtime drink.” Lola says, “I’m not sleepy at 6 or 7 or 8. I am still wide awake at 9 and not at all tired at 10, 11 or 12. I am still even perky at 13 o’clock.” (What?!) She has to make pink milk for Lola and make pink milk for three tigers!!! She also has to telephone two dancing dogs. There are two whales in the bathtub and Lola can’t fit in the tub so she asks Charlie to shoo one whale down the drain. Charlie has to do everything. How does she do it all? Can Charlie get Lola to bed? You’ll have to read the story to find out!

I liked the story because it is super funny. I also liked it because there were a lot of silly characters like the tigers and lions. My favorite part was when Lola said that she can stay up then a hippopotamus was sleeping with her. I would rate it a 7 on a 1 – 10 scale. I thought the illustrations were weird because Lola and the three tigers were cross eyed. It reminds me of when I always beg my mom to stay up late. While I was reading, I felt curious. I learned that you can try and trick your parents. The book makes me think of how I can trick my mom!!! I liked Lola because she was a trickster! I liked Charlie because he was like, “WHAT?!!!” My favorite part was when the lion was brushing his teeth with Lola.

I think that readers who like easy, funny stories will like this book. I recommend it to children in grades K – 3. I think the thing that will make the reader think it’s interesting is wondering how does Lola trick Charlie? Also people that are in preschool and pre-K might want to read this book with their mom or dad. I think also that the growing readers should read it too.