1 Bathtime for Biscuit

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Bathtime for Biscuit

Written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Illustrated by Pat Schories

Reviewed by Alejandro G. (age 8)

Bathtime for Biscuit

Biscuit does not want to take a bath. His friend, Puddles shows up. Biscuit climbs out of the tub. His owner says, “Come back, Puddles!” “Come back, Biscuit!” Puddles and Biscuit played in the mud. The owner said, “Now I have you, Puddles and Biscuit.” The dogs tugged the towel. They thought it was a game and they didn’t want to take a bath. The owner said, “Let go of the towel, Puddles.” Puddle says, “Bow, wow.” “Let go of the towel, Biscuit.” Biscuit says, “Woof, woof!’ The owner falls in the bath. Now all three of them have to take a bath!

I like the part when Biscuit climbed out of the bath because Biscuit was very sneaky. I also have a dog, so that’s why I like the book. It was very funny. My most favorite part is when Puddles showed up and Biscuit and Puddles ran and played in the mud. It reminded me of playing with my sister. I also like this book because Biscuit was very cute.

I recommend this book to people who have dogs because Biscuit is very cute and he is very funny. Biscuit is playful. He loves to play with people, and Biscuit runs away a lot.