1 I Survived:The Shark Attack of 1916

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I Survived:The Shark Attack of 1916

Written by Lauren Tarshis

Reviewed by Aidan S. (age 8)

I Survived:The Shark Attack of 1916

Do you like sharks? If you do, then read this book. There are bloodthirsty sharks in it. A boy named Chet moves to Elm Hills in New Jersey. He likes Elm Hills until he hears the news. There is so much talk about sharks. Chet goes to the creek to go swimming and he sees a hungry great white shark. The shark is headed right for Chet. What will he do? Read the book to find out what Chet does and what happens

I like this book because I think sharks are cool. This was a surprising story. I thought Chet would be fine. I think Chet is a normal kid because any kid would run if they saw a shark coming at them.

I recommend this book to kids who like sharks. This book is filled with interesting things about sharks.