1 Unenchanted

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Written by Chanda Hahn

Reviewed by Gabriella P (age 11)

Mina’s life will soon change. Mina saves her crush from falling from a catwalk. After shes saves his life he leaves his other popular friends and goes to thank Mina and hang around with her and Nan (Minas best friend). He affores to give her rides to school,she takes the affor. Mina soon figures out that she has to save her and her family from magical beasts,she soon grows tired of saving but she won’t give up. She completes quests and adventures she never thought she could do but then everything changes again but she figures out that everything was…?

I think this book is emotional when Mina and Brody hang out. It’s also magical when Mina finds out something she never thought she could be or find and it also has tons of action like during the school dance. This book is a little creepy when they encounter the monster towards the end of the book.

I recommend you read this book if you like non-fiction fairy tales and lots of action. In my opinion students in 4-8th grade would enjoy this book!