1 Why Can't I Fly?

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Why Can't I Fly?

Written by Rita Golden Gelman

Illustrated by Jack Kent

Reviewed by Madison R. (age 8)

Why Can't I Fly?

The characters of "Why Can't I Fly" are Minnie, Blue bird, Yellow bird, Ladybug, Duck, and Butterfly.

Minnie is a monkey who wants to fly. Two birds tell her she needs to take off her shoes and sing, but that did not work. Then a ladybug tells her she needs to paint spots on herself, but that did not work. Duck glued her up and told her to roll in feather, but that did not work either.A butterfly told her to make wing, but does it work? Read "Why can't I Fly" to find out what happens to Minnie the monkey.

I like this story because I think it's funny to see a monkey try to fly. I also like this story because I like animals. This a great story because the pictures add to the story and make me laugh! For example, there is a picture of bluebird talking to a monkey and it is very funny!

I think that 1st and 2nd graders will like this story all year.