1 Dragons Eat Tacos

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Dragons Eat Tacos

Written by Adam Rubin

Illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

Reviewed by Levi M. (age 8)

Dragons Eat Tacos

This story is about dragons who love tacos, and if you want to make friends with a dragon, you must have tacos. Why do they love tacos? Maybe it's the smell or the crunch. Even though the love tacos they hate spicy salsa. Don't give your dragon tacos with spicy salsa or their ears will smoke and they will sneeze sparks. But they do like lettuce, tomato and cheese on top of their taco. Dragons also like all types of parties. Read the book to find out what dragons like more than tacos or parties... But don't spicy salsa or they will breathe fire and burn down your house.

I recommend this book to you because it has funny pictures and good illustrations of dragons. My favorite part is when the dragons go to the house for a tacos. It's silly when they have taco balloons at the party.

In my opinion, I like this story because the author writes it in a silly way that makes me laugh through the whole story.