1 Secret in the Mist

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Secret in the Mist

Written by Margaret Nash

Illustrated by Stephen Lambert

Reviewed by Jose R. (age 8)

This story is about a boy name Jonathan. He planted a flower but it was not ready to grow as yet. Suddenly everyday it grows little by little. Every night his parents say, "what is that?" and Jonathan said it is his secret in the mist. One day the plant was big as a cats tail. The secret in the mist was tall as the door handle. Jonathan was clapping saying 'keep on growing! Keep on!" and it was working and it grew taller and taller. This was my favorite part. The plant was tall as Jonathan's window room.

I also like the part when Jonathan's father hugged him and Jonathan hugged his teddy. I learned from this book that you also have to always have to keep a secret. I like the pictures because I like the flowers in the book. This book made me feel cool after I read it. This book reminds me of when I went to Florida and I planted a flower in the backyard.

I recommend this book to anybody because any friend that I have will like reading my book.