1 Melonhead

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Written by Katy Kelly

Reviewed by Drew L. (age 8)


HELP! MY FOOT IS STUCK! If you are looking for a hilarious book with wild thrills read the book Melonhead written by Katy Kelly. Illustrated by Gillian Johnson.

The book talks about the adventures of a boy named Adam Melon. He makes many crazy choices that should get him in big trouble but somehow they don’t. Melonhead, as he is called by his friends, is a tree climbing pro. One day, he climbed a tree in his neighbors yard and his foot got stuck! When his mom heard about her son stuck in the tree, she called the police. When the police couldn’t get him down they called the fire department. If you want to find out if he ever got out of the tree, read Melonhead.

I really enjoyed reading this book for several reasons. It was very funny. For example, my favorite part is when Melonhead gets his foot stuck in the tree and it starts to rain and he has to wear a girls raincoat. This story reminds me of when my friend Vance got his leg stuck in between the poles in the swimming pool. He was screaming in so much pain, I had to plug my ears and hide behind a trash can. The story puts Melonhead in strange situations. He brings a snake into his house, jumps rooftop to rooftop instead of using the sidewalk, and builds a submarine for a science project. This book made me wonder how Melonhead did all of these horrible things and didn’t get in trouble.

I recommend this book to children ages 7-12. If you like interesting experiences and humor read the book Melonhead by Katy Kelly.