1 Otis

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Written by Janie Bynum

Illustrated by Janie Bynum

Reviewed by Genesis C. (age 7)


The book is about a pig that does not like the mud. The other pigs love the mud. Otis the pig told his mom and dad "I don't like the mud". "You will like the mud one day", they said. Otis wanted to go fishing but his dad did not want to go. His mom was planting. The family wasn't clean.

My favorite part is when the pig said my family is not clean. The funniest part is when his mom and dad said, "you will like the mud one day. I love the pictures because they are nice and they are fun. This book makes me feel happy. I would love to read this to my family and to my cousin

I recommend this book because it is very nice. It has a lot of pictures. I think kids will like it if they like staying clean.