1 Looking For Easter

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Looking For Easter

Written by Dori Chaconas

Illustrated by Margie Moore

Reviewed by Josie H. (age 8)

Once upon a time, a bunny was looking for Easter. So he went to Beaver and asked what Easter was. Beaver thought it was a basket so Beaver made a basket. Bunny swung the basket over to Woodchuck and said, "Look, I have Easter!" Woodchuck said that that wasn't Easter. Woodchuck thought the grass in the basket was Easter. So Woodchuck would give him Easter unless Bunny helped Woodchuck to make his den bigger. Bunny swung the basket over to Mouse and said that he had found Easter. Mouse said that wasn't Easter unless you have berries in it. Then Bunny heard that Robin needed a place that was round, deep, soft, and near food. The basket was round and deep. The grass was soft. The berries were food. So Bunny gave Robin the basket for his nest. It rained for many days and Bunny didn't leave his burrow. Then one day, Wren showed Bunny what Easter was. Woodchuck had four babies, Bear had two babies, Mouse had eight babies, and Robin had three babies. Wren told Bunny that Easter is new life. Bunny was happy he had new friend. At last Bunny had found Easter.

My favorite part is when Mouse had babies because it surprised me. My favorite character is Bunny because he is cute. This story relates to my life because I want to find Easter and Bunny wanted to find Easter. This story has pictures and they help by telling me what the words mean.

I think others should read this story because it is a cute book.