1 Eloise Breaks Some Eggs

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Eloise Breaks Some Eggs

Written by Kay Thompson

Illustrated by Tammie Lyon

Reviewed by Colette L. (age 9)

Eloise Breaks Some Eggs

In this story Eloise has a lesson, a lesson for cooking eggs. When she is on her way to the kitchen she goes in the elevator and, I will let you read the story to find out what happens in the elevator. When she is in the kitchen the chef shows Eloise how to crack the eggs; he is good at cracking eggs. Then Eloise tries. She is not good, she breaks the plates and, I will let you find out what happens next when you read this book.

I thought that this book was a great book because it will make you laugh. It was funny when Eloise puts her tortoise in a jar. I think that Eloise's hair looks like mine when I wake up in the morning! I love how everyone has an expression on their face based on what Eloise is doing.

I think that first through fourth graders should read this book because she is the same age and she is goofy.