1 Stay Away From Rat Boy

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Stay Away From Rat Boy

Written by Laure Lears

Reviewed by Lily L. (age 8)

Stay Away From Rat Boy

Do you like books that are fiction? If you do then you should read ‘’Stay Away From Rat Boy’’ by Laurie Lears.

First of all, there is a boy that is the bully in the school. Opposite of me! Because of his behavior, he gets sent to the back of the classroom and made a friend with a mouse. At one point, the mouse gets lost and he has to find him. The bully learns to be a friend because of this mouse.

Thinking back in the story, there was something in this story that reminded me of my life. The bully in the story starts out mean and becomes nice, just like a boy in my second grade class. When I was reading this book, I really felt bad for the main character, even though he was a bully, it was sad because he didn’t have any friends. My favorite part was when he finally made a real friend who helped him look for the mouse when it gets lost.

In conclusion, I think boys and girls who are eight to nine years old should read this book. Trust me I’m not a rat person and I loved this book! Why are you still here? Go check this book out and go read it!!!!!!!!!