1 Fourth Grade Rats

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Fourth Grade Rats

Written by Jerry Spinelli

Reviewed by Marianne M. (age 8)

Fourth Grade Rats

First grade babies, second grade cats, third grade angels, fourth grade RATS!!! That was a chant at Joey’s school. You should read Fourth Grade Rats by Jerry Spinelli.

To begin with, this story was about a boy named joey in fourth grade. He really missed being an angel in third grade but his friend sure doesn’t! His friend waited his whole life to be a rat. My favorite part was when his friend convinced him to jump out the window of his bedroom to show he wasn’t afraid. Joey asked his sister to help him down, but she only tickled him instead! I cracked up at this!

In addition, I like this book because Joey reminds me of myself. Like Joey, my mom tells me to go in water if I need to calm down. Also, my mom’s really funny like his mom. Plus, I do NOT like to steal little kids food! That’s sooo mean! I did not like it when Joey’s friend did this. As I read this book I felt like his friend was a maniac! I think Joey shouldn’t go along with him! I wondered if Joey would be a rat or just himself.

In conclusion, I suggest this for third grade angels and fourth grade rats! So go on to the library and find it!