1 The Case of the Library Monster

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The Case of the Library Monster

Written by Dori Butler

Illustrated by Jeremy Tugeau and Dan Crisp

Reviewed by Ella C. (age 6)

The Case of the Library Monster

Do you like dogs? In this story, a dog named Buddy solves mysteries at a school. Buddy hears books fall down and he wonders what it could be. A student, Maya, opens the furnace room and goes inside. To see what happens to Maya, read the book and find out!

My favorite part is when Buddy solves the mystery. I like it because I love reading mystery stories. This book reminded me of my neighbor's dog. I enjoy getting to play with him when I can. I like Buddy because he is cute and he solves mysteries.

I recommend this book to first through fifth graders. The book is funny and I know it will make you smile and laugh!