1 The Clue in the Clubhouse

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The Clue in the Clubhouse

Written by Jeanne Betancourt

Illustrated by Kellee Riley

Reviewed by Zorawar S. (age 7)

The Clue in the Clubhouse

This is a story about Penny Ryder. She visits her grandparents in the countryside. Penny and her friend make their very own clubhouse. Then they solve the mystery of the lost key of Mrs. Granger. With the help of Penny's pony, Pepper, the key is found. In the end, they all named themselves the Horseshoe Detectives.

My favorite part is when they went to the goat farm because they were creative in their thinking in finding the lost key. My least favorite character is Mrs. Granger because she didn't do anything. This story does not relate to my life. The pictures are very descriptive.

i think other people should read this book because it shows you how to solve mysteries. It is an adventurous, simple, and inspirational story.