1 Flat Stanley, The Japanese Ninja Surprise

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Flat Stanley, The Japanese Ninja Surprise

Written by Jeff Brown

Illustrated by Macky Pa mintuan

Reviewed by Michael A. (age 8)

Flat Stanley, The Japanese Ninja Surprise

Do you like Flat Stanley books? This is a series about the character Flat Stanley. In this book, the characters are Stanley, his brother Arthur, Oda Noba, and some ninjas. Stanley is a kid that gets into a lot of adventures. Oda Noba is Stanley’s ninja trainer. The problem is that Oda Noba gets captured and it is only up to Stanley and Arthur to save him. The story takes place in Stanley’s house and outside. If you want to know if Oda Noba gets saved, read the book to find out.

My favorite part was when Oda Noba gets captured. I like this part because who took Oda Noba was a mystery. I like to try to solve mysteries. I liked the illustrations because they all had action. One Illustration was funny because Stanley was hiding in a package. The books in this series are the same because Stanley is always in the books and always on an adventure. They are all different because Stanley goes on different adventures in each book.

I recommend this book for boys because there are no girls in it. Also, I don’t think girls like action that much. This book is good for people that are at least 8 to 10 years old.