1 My Lucky Day

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My Lucky Day

Written by Kieko Kasza

Illustrated by Kieko Kasza

Reviewed by Lizbeth S. (age 7)

My Lucky Day

This is a story about a smart piglet. Piglet made Fox a fool. Fox gave Piglet a good bath, a nice dinner, and a terrific massage. Fox thought after doing all this, the Piglet was going to be his dinner. With all the hard work that Fox did, he passed out. At the end, the smart piglet picked up the rest of his cookies and went home.

My favorite part of the story is when Fox gave the piglet a massage because that made him pass out. My favorite character is the piglet because he is funny. This story is does not relate to my life because it is made up. The pictures help me to understand the story because they are funny and clear.

Other people should read this book because it is funny. The characters are tricky and smart.