1 Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective

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Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective

Written by Donald Sobel

Illustrated by Leonard Shortall

Reviewed by J.Ra. (age 9)

Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective

Are you eager to find out if a Civil War sword was really owned by General “Stonewall” Jackson? If you are, then you should read Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective. These 10 cliff hanging mysteries will keep you at the edge of your seat for hours! Is Bugs Meany up to his devilish ways? Did Mr. Dillon really see the Natty Nat? Did Clarence steal the tent “this morning”? Read Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective to find out.

I think this is a great book because it is very interesting and once you pick it up you can’t put it down. My favorite part of the book was when Encyclopedia Brown solved the case of the Civil War sword. This is my favorite part because I like learning about the Civil War. Encyclopedia Brown reminds me of Conrad from The Girl Who Could Fly. I know this because Conrad and Encyclopedia Brown are both extremely smart.

I recommend this book to people who like a good mystery and suspense, because this book is very suspenseful. But some of the concepts are not suitable for Pre-K, K and 1st grade.