1 Kittens in the Kitchen

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Kittens in the Kitchen

Written by Ben M. Bagilo

Illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas, Mary Ann Lasher

Reviewed by E.L. (age 9)

Kittens in the Kitchen

Can you imagine having your babies in the house of the meanest and grumpiest person on earth?!? In the book Kittens in the Kitchen, a girl named Mandy and her friend James team up to find a home for four kittens and one fully grown cat. The problem is that the cat (Walton) does not have her kittens in a peaceful nice place. Walton has her kittens in the home of the grumpy janitor and his wife. The janitor, Mr. Williams, does NOT like cats! In fact, Mr. Williams hates cats. So Mr. Williams is very upset when he had to give Mandy and James a whole week to find homes for the four kittens. Can Mandy find homes for Smoky, Amy, Patch, and Eric? If Mandy and James can find homes for the four kittens, can they still find a home for Walton? Or will they be killed by Mr. Williams after one week on death day? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

I like the book Kittens in the Kitchen because instead of having one kitten there are four, so after finding out what happens to one kitten you are tempted to keep reading!! I liked the illustrations in this book because they showed what happened and they were in all the right spots. This book is similar to other books the author Ben M. Baglio wrote because in all the books in the animal ark series Mandy is always trying to save the animals and most of the time with her best friend James. This book reminds me of other books when someone is trying to sell puppies or kittens.

I would recommend this book to readers that like exciting and funny books. Kittens in the Kitchen is a book that readers should read when they are in 2nd or 3rd grade because Kittens in the Kitchen is a short story with a little bigger print then there is in most books. Readers should read this book because after reading it, it will make you like kittens and cats more than you did before reading this book. Another reason to read Kittens in the Kitchen is because after reading this book you will want to be like Mandy and Love and save any animal you can, even if you have never sent he animal before!