1 Maxi, The Star

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Maxi, The Star

Written by Debra and Sal Barracca

Reviewed by Richard C. (age 8)

Maxi, The Star

The story is about a man named Jim and his dog. Jim and the dog Maxi drive a taxi and they pick up a man who is a producer. The man asks Jim if his dog can make a commercial about dog?s food and he takes them to Hollywood.

On the way to Hollywood Jim saw a man with a herd of cows. After Jim was in Hollywood a man with a limousine had Maxi?s name on a piece of paper. He took Maxi and Jim to the places where they made a commercial.

My favorite part is when Maxi became a star. Even if you are a dog you can be famous . When Jim came back he saw Maxi on tv. I like the pictures because when they went to Yellowstone Park they saw a cat and a tornado then they had a party. I think the book is unique because they are talking about dogs.

I recommend this book to someone who has dogs. If your dog becomes famous you can read this book.