1 Shredderman: Secret Identity

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Shredderman: Secret Identity

Written by Wendelin Van Draanen

Illustrated by Brian Biggs

Reviewed by Shahed C. (age 10)

In the story there is a kid named Nolan Byrd who gets bullied and thinks that people shouldn’t get bullied. The next day Nolan gets told to do a report by his teacher Mr. Green. Mr. Green is Nolan’s favorite teacher and he is not one of those teachers that he hates. Nolan decides to do his report on Bubba Bixby. Then he takes pictures of Bubba Bixby. He cut his book bag, puts the camera inside the flap (then he puts Velcro on the flap) and goes to school. When he went, he saw that in class Bubba Bixby has scissors and was aiming for a girl's hair. He tries to get his book bag real quick, then he fell and the girl had a big lump of hair missing. During that week, Nolan got his last week's test results back, and his paper got a higher score then anybody in his class. On another day, Nolan thought that he should be a superhero with a secret identity. Then he made a website, but he looked at his paper and it said, Nolan you shred men. Then he thought his website name should be shredman.com, but it didn’t work because shredman was taken. Then he thought about shredderman and he typed in shredderman.com. It finally worked. When he finished making his website, he put the Bubba Bixby pictures on the website and put jokes and customized his website. Read the book and find out what happens next. How does the website turns viral? And will there be more bad guys? Find out!

I like this book,because it is adventurous and fun and i was thrilled. My favorite character is Nolan because he made it adventurous. My favorite part was when he tried to make it viral because he climbed.

I recommend this book who likes adventurous books because this is one people would be thrilled by.