1 The Book of Bad Ideas

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The Book of Bad Ideas

Written by Laura Huliska-Beith

Illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith

Reviewed by Yuriem E. (age 8)

The Book of Bad Ideas

This book is about different kids and bad ideas. It is a funny book and two of the bad ideas are: ?Making fun of someone else when you got toilet paper stuck to your shoe {Bad Idea #96}?. And Roller blading with your dog even though he was kicked out of obedience school {Bad idea #134}. Those are the bad ideas. Every bad idea takes place somewhere different. But sometimes you can figure out that there might be the same person in a different bad idea. The lessons from the story are the bad ideas. Bad Idea#14-saving your gum to re-chew after lunch ?and then forgetting where you?d like put it. That reminds me when my father came and I got gum from him. When I went to sleep I forgot to throw out the gum. When I woke up there was gum all over my arms and it was tearing off my hair .It hurt when I had to take the gum off. I loved every part because it made me feel good about myself. I learned not to do something or it will come out as a bad idea. This book also reminds me that my two brothers always come out with a fun event but a bad idea. I think the author drew very good pictures. This book is unique to my favorite books, but I still liked it.

I will recommend this book to little kids because they will learn a lesson.