1 The Leanin Dog

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The Leanin Dog

Written by K.A. Nuzum

Reviewed by Rachel H. (age 12)

The Leanin Dog

This novel, The Leaning Dog is about a chocolate lab and girl named Dessa Dean. The main characters are Dessa and the chocolate lab. One night something came scratching at the door and it was a chocolate lab with an injured leg. Dessa takes care of the dog for a little while until her dad came home and saw the dog at the door. He thought it was a coyote so he shot the gun and scared it off. Later on one stormy night Dessa heard something out by the door and she heard the dog bark. When she went out she saw a bear out there with the dog. The dog ran off in the woods with the bear chasing it. Dessa went out in the blizzard looking for the dog. While Dessa was out there in the blizzard, she was about to die.

My favorite character is Dessa because she expresses how she feels about the dog and how much she loves animals; she is really good with animals. My favorite part is on Christmas day when Dessa wakes up and the dog licks her and then she finds out what the dog’s name is. This is my favorite part because it made me think of my old dog. My less favorite part is when Dessa goes out in a blizzard trying to find the dog/ her best friend. While Dessa is out in the blizzard looking for the dog, she is almost about to die.

I recommend this book to ages 8-13 because it is a really good book. This book has 250 pages with no pictures. You should read this book because it may bring back good memories of your favorite pet or dog you had and loved. If you love dogs then you will enjoy this book.