1 The Brand New Kid

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The Brand New Kid

Written by Katie Couric

Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman

Reviewed by Madeline L. (age 9)

The Brand New Kid

This story is about a kid named Lazlo who is new in school. The kids in school teased Lazlo only because he is different. Many days passed and the kids kept teasing him. One day, Ellie, a girl from his class saw his mother crying because the kids were bothering him so much. The next day, Ellie went to Lazlo's house and she started playing games with him. The kids got mad with Ellie because she had gone to Lazlo's house. Read more to find out if the kids in school start to get along with Lazlo. The lesson of the story is to never judge anyone because of his/her ugliness because the only thing that matters about a person is the inside of the person. I think that the pictures were exciting and interesting to look at.

My favorite part of the story was when someone tripped Lazlo when he was leaving the lunch line. When I was reading the story I felt sad for Lazlo because no one was his friend. This story reminds me of when I was in first grade. A new girl from my class was scared to ask the teacher if she could go to the bathroom and so she peed on herself. No one wanted to be her friend and they used to call her names.

I recommend this book to everyone that makes fun of other people because they are different from them. The book would show people that when you get to know someone you can see how they are not that different from you.