1 Princess Academy

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Princess Academy

Written by Shannon Hale

Reviewed by Emily D (age 8)

Princess Academy

In Princess Academy I met Miri. Miri lives on a mountain in Dandland. The mountain is called Mount Eskel. Miri is fourteen. She has never gone to school. On Mount Eskel they cut linder, a special kind of rock, and trade it for things they need. Miri is different. She is fragile. Her mother died a week after she was born. She is small for her age. Miri’s luck comes when the king announces that a girl from Mount Eskel is going to be the prince’s wife. She goes to an academy, or school, to learn to read and write. The teacher is called Mrs.Tutor Olana. Then trouble comes to the academy when bandits come. They lock up the teacher and treat the girls badly. Will Miri find a way to save the day?

I love visualizing. If you do too, this is the book to read! The author described the setting very well. When the stones were rolling down Mount Eskel, it said it was like the mountain was roaring. I just love it when authors do things like that! This story reminded me of my twin sister Julia. She is like the main character. She’s always strong, and never gives up, like Miri. Since Julia’s always strong, Miri instantly reminded me of Julia. My favorite part of Princess Academy was when the bandits came. When I was reading about it, I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the page! That part was scary and exciting. Princess Academy was one of the best books I’ve ever read!

This is a book I would definitely recommend. I would recommend it to someone who likes adventures. You could definitely relate to Miri if you’re always strong. This story teaches us it doesn’t matter how strong [like muscles] you are. It matters how strong and brave you are.