1 Sophie Simon Solves Them All

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Sophie Simon Solves Them All

Written by Lisa Graff

Illustrated by Lisa Graff

Reviewed by Cal J. (age 9)

Sophie Simon Solves Them All

20+20=40! Are you the smartest kid in the whole 3rd grade? If you are or even if you're not, you should read Sophie Simon Solves Them All by Lisa Graff.

To begin with, this was about a girl named Sophie Simons who is very smart and can do many smart things that she likes to learn about. She isn't as good at making friends, but she tries to learn. She helps her friend Owen get a rabbit and he then promises to get her a graphing calculator. Also she helps her friend Daisy because Daisy keeps begging her parents to get out of a ballet recital. So Sophie helps her because Sophie is good at convincing parents.

In addition, my favorite part of the book is that Sophie was the smartest because she learns from a college text book because someone put the book in her backpack. But her parents get mad and start saying stuff about her because Sophie's parents felt dumb. I also liked the part when she got the money for the graphing calculator from Owen, but the money was supposed to be for a ring tailed lemur. So the money went back to Owen's mom. Sophie was sad!

In conclusion, this is a good book for 3rd grade and up because there are some tough words such as encyclopedia. It's really good for third graders because Sophie is a third grader. GO Check It Out Today!