1 Mr. Burke is Berzerk

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Mr. Burke is Berzerk

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Skyler R. (age 9)

Mr. Burke is Berzerk

Do you like books that are silly? Then read the book called Mr. Burke is Berserk! by Dan Gutman.

To begin with, this story starts at a school where Mr. Burke is in charge of cutting the lawn at the school. He enjoys his job and is able to get the principal to have a lawn mower race. The lawn mowers didn’t go so fast, instead they went very slow. The person that whines is the principal!! This story is about a school where lots of suprises happen. Mr. Burke even tries to have a corn maze on the baseball field.

In addition, this story was very silly because the teachers start to grow beards and go digging for gold in the school yard!! Thay all act crazy and dig like a dog searching for a gold bone. They have to look under the monkey bars! My favorite of the book was when the mayor was thinking about how to make more money for the town. I liked this part because he made no sense when he was talking about trying to save money by taking a hot tub out of the teacher's lounge when they didn't even have one! This book is a great one to read because it makes me laugh the whole time. It has so many silly actions that I liked all parts of the book.

In conclusion, this book is for kids 5 or older and can be read in a house or at school. Anyone who reads it is going to laugh their heads off!