1 Over My Dead Body

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Over My Dead Body

Written by Kate Klise

Illustrated by Sarah Klise

Reviewed by Noelle M. (age 8)

Over My Dead Body

“No Halloween!” Meet Dick Tater, Olive C. Spence, Ignatius B. Grumply, and Seymour Hope in Over My Dead Body by Kate Klise.

To begin with, Olive C. Spence, Ignatius B. Grumply, and Seymour Hope live together on 43 Old Cemetery Road, in Spence Mansion. Olive and Ignatius are the care takers of Seymour. Together they cook special dinners, and write books with each other when Seymour’s parents are on a business trip in Europe. They enjoy working together on their books. Ignatius is an author, and so was Olive when she wasn’t a ghost. Seymour illustrates pictures for the books that Olive and Ignatius write. Together they organize a series of ghost stories called 43 Old Cemetery Road, of course named after their street.

In addition, my favorite part of this book is when the police put Ignatius in a mentally unstable facility. They did this because when Grumply said he was writing with the famous spirit Olive C. Spence, they knew he was crazy. (Even though he wasn't). It was hilarious because Ignatius had to stay there for a long time for no reason at all! I also liked this book because it was about a ghost who interacts with real poeple. Ghost stories are so much fun to read! Finally, it was a very interesting book because some parts of it seemed very real and some parts definitely were not. It made it seem like a story that could really happen, even with ghosts!

In conclusion, if you enjoy adventurous, mysterious, suspense stories, then you would think Over My Dead Body is to die for. I think kids and adults would enjoy this book for sure!