1 My Life as a Stunt Boy

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My Life as a Stunt Boy

Written by Jake Tashjian

Reviewed by Izzac A. (age 9)

My Life as a Stunt Boy

If you like action, and would rather read about it than do work, crumble all that work up and read My Life as a Stunt Boy by Jake Tashjian. You will not be sorry that you did!

To begin with, it’s a book about the adventures and action in the life of a stunt boy. The book starts when there are only two more weeks of school. Once summer break starts, the main character goes back to jumping off airplanes and doing amazingly dangerous stunts! He even did a one eighty and a flip on a realy high ramp.

My favorite part was when Stunt Boy almost flipped off his skateboard. It reminds me of when I almost got hurt playing on my bike. It's so much fun to try to do tricks, but you have to be careful. Another one of my favorite parts was when he did a trick in the air where he jumped off the ramp and turned around. This was so cool because it was one of the most exciting tricks I've ever heard of. I think this is a real great book of humor and you could never forget the adventure and danger too! Kids like me would love it!

So if you're about 8 and older, then sit back and read My Life as a Stunt Boy!!! Just don't try those stunts at home!