1 The Mystery of the Gross Gift

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The Mystery of the Gross Gift

Written by M.J. Cossan

Illustrated by Michael A Aspengngren

Reviewed by Colin G (age 11)

This story is about five kids. Their names are Abe, Ben, Gabe, Toby and Ty. Gabe accidentally falls in a pool of green goo. He doesn't hurt himself much. There is a guy in the story who accidentally hits a deer with his car and kills it. He brought it back to his house so it wouldn't rot. He uses the parts of the deer that he could use and the rest goes in the garbage. It becomes the gross gift. I really liked this book because it was very exciting. My favorite part of the book was when the cat found the gross guts. Ty, Gabe and Ben were my favorite characters in the book because they were really funny. Ty reminded me of myself because he was really funny and I think I'm pretty funny sometimes, too. I think that the unique thing about the book is that they all find so many mysteries and try to solve them. I feel that anybody would like to read this series of books because they are fun books to read. I think that these books are very awesome for boys to read, especially boys in grade three. I believe this because I have enjoyed every one of these books about the Kooties Club that I have read.