1 The Man in the Moon

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The Man in the Moon

Written by William Joyce

Illustrated by William Joyce

Reviewed by Cali D. (age 6)

The Man in the Moon

There was a baby named Mim who had good dreams and never had a nightmare. The baby's parents protected him from the nightmare man. There was a battle to protect the baby. He grew up on the moon with his moon friends. He thought of good ideas to help the children of Earth sleep better. Mim made guardians to make children happy and made the moon shine brightly for them.

My favorite part was when the baby was asleep because he dreamed nice dreams. My favorite character was the baby because he was nice and had a sweet family. This story relates to my life because a lot of the things in the story happen in my life too.

The story has cool pictures that help tell the story when you can't understand the words. I think others should read this story because it will make you feel good.