1 The Wolf's Chicken Stew

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The Wolf's Chicken Stew

Written by Keiko Kasza

Illustrated by Keiko Kasza

Reviewed by Connor S. (age 8)

The Wolf's Chicken Stew

This book is about a wolf that loves to eat stew and chickens. One day this wolf gave a chicken a ton of pancakes, donuts and pound cake to fatten it up for his stew. As the wolf went back a few days later to get his chicken, the chicken....well you'll need to read this book to find out if the wolf got his chicken stew.

I really enjoyed this story. My favorite part was when the wolf made donuts because it reminded me of when I go to the store to get donuts with sprinkles. The wolf reminds me of my brother because once we were playing laser tag and he was acting sneaky. This story also reminded me of the book "The Three Little Pigs".

I recommend this story to children of all ages and if you like being sneaky like the wolf. Last but not least, this is an easy book to read and is very funny!