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picture perfect

Written by Deborah Boone

Reviewed by Aditi S. (age 7)

The story is about Bess thinking about what to draw! Then she met her friend, Fira. She asked where are you going? Bess told her that she was going to her new art studio Then she flew off! Rani saw Fira and said what is the matter? Fira said Bess isn't feeling inspired! Then Rani flew off and got a rock for Bess to draw. Tinkerbell and her friends saw and got a pot and some flowers. They gave them to Bess. She got a great idea for a painting. She started right away! When her friends saw it they thought it was great. My favorite part was when Tinkerbell's friends decided to help Bess because Bess was not feeling inspired. Rain, Lily and Tinkerbell decided to help Bess. I like Rani because she does not brag and grumble. I do not like Tinkerbell because she grumbles and brags.

I recommend this book because it teaches about friendship. Children who enjoy art will like this book.