1 A Dog is a Dog and That is Why He's So Special

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A Dog is a Dog and That is Why He's So Special

Written by Clarice Rutherford

Illustrated by Clarice Rutherford

Reviewed by Andrea P. (age 9)

A Dog is a Dog and That is Why He's So Special

This book is about dogs roaming the streets and every two pages it talks about dogs and things related to dogs. This book is not one of those comedies or long chapter books. This is just a book that tells you short stories. Then tells you a little about the each dog. So the book has both fiction and nonfiction passages.

My favorite part is when I read about how dogs who used to be able to play in front yards, roads, and other outdoor places that dogs are not allowed to be without a leash. Dogs could be anywhere without a leash back then, but they would have to be able to come back to their owners. I also like how the book compares and contrasts a dog and a wolf. The illustrations in this book are very realistic. The illustrations help the people who read the book learn how the dogs look and how they relate to other animals.

I recommend this book to people who enjoy reading about dogs. This book is most likely for fourth grade students but I recommend this book to third grade students who are good readers and readers in the higher grades who like dogs.