1 Wathcful Wolves

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Wathcful Wolves

Written by Kevin B adger

Illustrated by William Munoz

Reviewed by Jesus H (age 9)

Wathcful Wolves

This book is talking about wolves and it’s telling about them. Wolves hunt by their sense of smell and their hearing. After wolves eat they take a nap. Gray wolves live all over Canada and red wolves live all over the United States. A wolf’s paw is big. Wolves pant very hard to stay cool. Wolves live in dens. Some wolf pups are old enough to sleep outside. Wolves eat other animals.

I thought the book was interesting because the book said lots of great information about wolves. The most interesting part was that two male wolves fight and if the wolf wins the fight he gets to be the leader.

I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO A KID OR ADULT THAT LIKES WOLVES SO MUCH THAT THEY WANT TO DISCOVER WOLVES IN THE WILD. If they want to learn new information about wolves it is in this book. I wouldn’t recommend this book to people who don’t like wolves so much they want to discover them in the wild because it might make them scared.