1 Fourth Grade Rats

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Fourth Grade Rats

Written by Jerry Spinelli

Reviewed by Heaven V. (age 9)

I like the book Fourth Grade Rats because a boy in fourth grade is writing the actual book! I know, you're wondering why they are called fourth grade rats? Because they have different names for the grades. First graders are Babies, second graders are cats, third graders are angels and fourth graders are rats! The main characters are Joey and another boy. The lesson is that you should always be yourself and you shouldn't change that!

I love this book because it's funny because the main character has different kinds of problems he tries to figure out, no matter what! This is my favorite book because it has all different kinds of characters. My favorite part is when Joey is telling the kids to get off of the swings because they listen to him and not to the other kid.

I recommend Fourth Grade Rats to my brother Jeremmy because he can relate to this book because he is cool and he likes a girl like the boy in the book.