1 Pet Trouble: Runaway Retriever

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Pet Trouble: Runaway Retriever

Written by Tui Sutherland

Reviewed by B.M. (age 8)

Pet Trouble: Runaway Retriever

Do you know a great doggie escape artist? Runaway Retriever is an absolutely hilarious book about a boy named Parker and his dog Merlin who is the best doggie escape artist ever. Merlin can escape from any locked fence, a locked crate, or even a room with the door closed! Then things start to get a little out-of-hand. When Parker goes to school, Merlin came running up behind him to say hi. Parker was late because he had to put Merlin back! When school started, Merlin showed up again! When Parker has his baseball game, Merlin came out of nowhere and took the ball! Read this book to find more hilarious things that Merlin did!

I like this book because it is hilarious, and it makes me wonder ‘How does Merlin escape? There are many ways a dog can escape from its yard. My favorite part is when Merlin goes to Parker’s baseball game because I love baseball and Merlin bops Parker with the ball, so it’s like Merlin tagged Parker out! I liked all of the characters, because they all help each other. For an example, Danny helps Parker find a bike lock to lock the fence so Merlin couldn’t just open the fence by jiggling the lock and getting out when Merlin followed Parker to school. Runaway Retriever is book #1 of the Pet Trouble series, and Runaway Retriever is like the rest of the books because they all seem to talk a little about each other’s dogs, which is the main idea in the next or previous book. Runaway Retriever reminds me of when I get off the bus at the end of the day and my dog runs in circles because she is so happy to see me like Merlin is always so happy to see Parker.

I would recommend this book to people who might want a good laugh, people who like adventure or action, or people who might want to learn about or like dogs, because the book has a lot of action and adventure, a lot of funny moments, and a lot of doggie fun and doggie life.