1 Pandora Gets Jealous

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Pandora Gets Jealous

Written by Carolyn Hennesy

Reviewed by T.T. (age 9)

Pandora Gets Jealous

Pandora Athenues Andromaeche Helena (or Pandy for short) has always been a little too curious for her own good. Her father, Prometheus, has a box of seven evils. Pandora’s curiosity has dragged her to the dangerous box. Pandora brings the box to show and tell at her school. The two most popular maidens in school, Hippia and Helen open the box because they think Pandora was lying. What will Pandora do to save the world? Read to find out in Pandora Gets Jealous.

I loved Pandora Gets Jealous because this book has a lot of adventure; for an example, Pandora and her friends travel all through Egypt to find one of the seven evils, this particular evil is Jealousy. My favorite part in Pandora Gets Jealous is when Pandora beats Jealousy and puts Jealousy back in her box. I loved that part because it’s a happy ending and also that part makes you exited for the next book. I think Pandora is like me because Pandora is brave, strong, funny, and very smart like me.

I recommend this book to people who love adventure, drama, action, very good description, and people who like Egypt. Pandora Gets Jealous is scary at some parts, but not like ghost story scary. Pandora and her friends are heading toward a hair raising adventure!