1 Peter and the Starcatchers

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Peter and the Starcatchers

Written by Dave Barry

Illustrated by Greg Call

Reviewed by Howard E. (age 12)

Peter and the Starcatchers, by Dave Barry, is about some boys named Peter, Prentiss, James, Tomas, and Tubby Ted. They meet a girl named Molly when they are forced to get on a ship called the Never Land. On this boat, the boys are fed a horrible meal every night. There is a mysterious trunk in a special room on the boat. The trunk ends up being very important because it contains “starstuff” that is wanted by the Starcatchers and also by the Others. The story starts on the ship and ends on a small island with Peter and his friends, the Mollusk Indian tribe, and Captain Hook, a cruel pirate as they all try to rescue the starstuff.

I like this book because it is an adventure book. When I read the first chapter I did not want to put the book down and stop reading. Something I found interesting is that Molly could talk to a certain animal called a porpoise. I also learned there is something magical in the trunk that Peter and Molly later are supposed to protect.

This book changed me because I always wondered how Peter could fly. But after reading the book, I now know how he got his flying power and his fairy, Tinker Bell. It also explained to me how Captain Hook got his hook.

My favorite character was Peter because he helped Molly protect the Starstuff from getting in the hands of the Others. He was brave battling Hook and outsmarted the famous Mr. Grin.

My favorite part was when Molly showed Peter what the starstuff could do. They rose above the ground and the room became bright and warm with a golden glow.

I recommend the book for ages 10 and up. Parents would like the book, also. I think boys and girls would like the book equally because it has Peter and Molly who have similar personalities.