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Love Aubrey

Written by Suzanne LaFleur

Reviewed by Haley K. (age 12)

Love Aubrey tells Aubrey’s life story with love and care. Aubrey does fine living on her own after her father and sister were killed, but her grandmother thinks that she needs a guardian to take care of her because she is only eleven. Aubrey has to move to a whole new state with her grandmother. She wakes up every morning to a list of chores. Soon after, she meets Bridget and her family. Bridget and Aubrey become best friends. On the first day of school while getting her schedule, she is handed a pink slip from the guidance counselor named Amy. Aubrey does as she’s told and attends the meeting but doesn’t say much except for her name.

This book has some good life lessons for kids and adults of all ages. One main lesson you’ll learn is that there’s a story behind everything. One of the harder to find lessons is that you can still have fun with just a small party. Follow your heart is another lesson you’ll learn in this book.

Aubrey’s friend Bridget is my favorite character because of her personality. She is brave, but girly. She isn’t afraid when she and Aubrey go to the forest and cross the stream.

My favorite part in Love Aubrey was when Aubrey’s mom came back. Aubrey was happy to see her, but she decided to stay with her grandma because of the friends she had made.

This book didn’t only touch my heart, but let me live the book. Some people say this book was a tear jerker. I recommend this book to anyone that likes a mystery or heart touching book. I think that this book is realistic fiction because it could actually happen to someone.

Girls would probably like this book more than boys would. There were few main boy characters in the story. This book would be best for 5th and 6th grade readers.