1 Holes

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Written by Louis Sachar

Reviewed by Dan C (age 12)

Holes is about a boy named Stanley. He was framed for stealing a famous baseball player's shoes. Then Stanley was sent to a detention camp at Camp Green Lake. There he met lots of friends. As a punishment for their crimes, all the kids are forced to dig holes five feet wide and five feet deep and if they find anything suspicious they are to report it to the warden. I'll tell you right now that the warden is definitely looking for something buried underneath Green Lake (because Green Lake has dried up).

As you know, Stanley and his friends have to dig holes in the burning sun. Jne day, his best friend Zero runs away and it is up to Stanley to save him from starvation, because Zero has run away into the desert. My favorite part is when Stanley goes looking for Zero in the desert! Strange things happen!

Stanley, who was an interesting character, did end up changing. For example?.Stanley lost a lot of weight and he also made a lot of friends while he was at Green Lake camp.

I would recommend this book because you'll never be able to put it down. I like this book because it is very exciting, and it has humorous situations in it. My friend Matt also enjoyed the book, and I hope you will too!