1 The Little Mermaid

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The Little Mermaid

Written by Adapted by Michael Teitelbaum

Illustrated by Sue DiCicco

Reviewed by Raquel C. (age 8)

One day there was a litle mermaid called Ariel she was the smallest mermaid in her family. Once she saw a big shark. The big shark was going to eat her. The shark was so hungry that he died. Then she went to tell her dad that she saw a shark. Her dad said go and tell your mom. Ariel's mom is mean to Ariel and she eats a lot of fish.

I liked the story because Ariel is nice and pretty. My favorite part was when the mean girl was eating fish. I felt sad reading the book because Ariel found a nice picture of a boy she liked but then her dad broke the book with fire. My favorite part was when the shark tried to eat Ariel. I liked this part because it was exciting.

I recommend this book to ages 6 through 10 years old because I liked it and I think those ages might like it too.